Welcome! Within this library you’ll find Energy Upgrade Audios, recordings of previous workshops, guides, interviews & more to deepen your embodiment journey.


The School of Embodied Arts Podcast with Jenna Ward

A weekly feminine embodiment podcast about life, leadership & coaching.LISTEN NOW


The 6 Principles of Feminine Leadership for Entrepreneurs

How do we transcend the hustle-push-drain of the masculine economy & create real-world success with a feminine paradigm of operations & leadership in our work? Join Now



A 6 part popup podcast with Jenna on the new lineage of Feminine Coaches who work the embodied way LISTEN NOW


Interview Library

Stream over 6 hours of various interviews, podcasts & features on embodiment, spirituality, sensuality & more. LISTEN NOW


Magnetism Map

EVERY woman has the potential to draw her desires towards her with magnetic ease. But magnetism isn’t something you can do by thinking or working hard. Magnetism requires us to be IN our bodies – using the power of our heart & womb and manifesting from that place. DOWNLOAD NOW


Embodied Coaches and Practitioners Free Training Video Series

3 self-paced classes exploring working with clients & your own professional mastery using somatic, feminine arts & coaching Join Now


Guided Drop In Audio

Move out of your head & into your feminine body & wisdom with the Drop In Practice. This lush 18-min audio guides you in a potent embodied experience. DOWNLOAD NOW

  • “If there is one teaching that a woman should experience it is The Embodied Woman teaching. I feel a profound shift in how I relate and connect with myself and with others around me. I experience life with so much more ease by practicing all the tools in this program. Being an embodied woman is the only way for me to live my life. I don’t want it any other way.”

    Dian Rahmawati

  • “I am so grateful that I found you, Jenna and that I listened to that little voice inside that told me to join the Embodied Woman program. Your honesty, rawness and constant support allowed me to get in touch with myself again; to be truthful, vulnerable, open & connected. The incredible program you have created as well as your passion, authenticity, beauty and wisdom are so inspiring. Thank you.”

    Beth Cohen