How To Awaken Your Sensual Power

February 26, 2016


Sex has been a hot topic of conversation lately.

To start with I’m living in Ubud + it’s apparently the Tantra capital of the world.

But increasingly, the women around me – clients, friends + colleagues – are all talking to me about SEX.

It often starts with…

I don’t want to have sex

Which leads them to ask me…

How can I reconnect with my sensuality?

And I LOVE that I am surrounded by conscious women who realize, that lack of sexual desire they are feeling is not about the lover, or the man. These women already know….

All relationships in our life are mirrors back to our essential relationship – our relationship with ourselves.

Your desire for sex is a barometer for how connected you are within yourself.

Feminine sensuality has had a rough time.

As mothers + carers our bodies are the vehicles for new life, and the lines of ownership between mother, woman + sensual goddess can easily become blurred.

We’ve seen it hijacked and diverted by advertising. Sold to us as a picture-perfect-woman.

Our sexuality has been abused (one in three Australian women), shamed + slandered.

To the point where we, as women, often feel like we don’t even own our sensuality anymore.

Many of us have been stretched + disempowered to a point where we don’t even want our sensuality back.

We are exhausted.

We feel it’s slutty.

Perhaps it feels like “trying too hard”.

Or that claiming our sensuality degrades our worth + feminine equality.

But the truth is that as women we are the Shakti of the planet.

We are the chaotic + creative force of nature + beauty + the sunrise + the moon.

We, as women, are the expression of the divine feminine essence.

And at her core the divine feminine essence is sensual. She is alive in desire – for herself, for her body, for her experience of life.

Sensuality is the non-negotiable lifeblood of an awakened woman.

A woman who lives with passion.


The passion of a sensually awakened woman infuses her whole life.

In herself

When she holds herself as beautiful.

When she desires herself.

And finds beauty in her own looks, her own grace, her own magnetism.

Exactly as she is.

Imperfectly perfect.

She owns her worth as a woman.

And finds the confidence + inspiration to expand.

In her business

When she is enough, exactly as she is.

The need for success abates.

Because she is the success.

And from that worth

Limitless inspiration arrives.

In the bedroom

When she claims herself.

And loves herself deeply.

She is open to receive.

The love + claiming of another.

In my world, claiming your sensuality as a woman is the most critical factor in a passionate life.

My own claiming took place during a conscious erotic dance class.

In a room full of women embodied in their own sensual feminine essence, and asking me to do the same.

It was confronting. I wasn’t sure I could bring it.

Who? Me? Sensual? I don’t think so.

Yet as I moved my hips + ran my hands along my body, a long-forgotten sensual siren within me awoke.

She lit a fire in my heart, and broke it open.

She asked me to unleash my full radiance, to embrace my full magnetism.

And the sensual moves, that mirrored a Beyonce-style-film-clip, ceased to be the point.

The deep truth as that this feminine essence was accessed through BE-ing in my body.

Moving out of my head, and into the temple of my body.

Touching my skin. Loving my skin.

Looking at myself. Loving myself.

As an expression of beauty – perfectly imperfect.


Being in my body, embodying my feminine essence, was where a deep sense of sensual alignment + authenticity in be-ing a woman arose.

I came home that night and my boyfriend at the time (who had no idea what I had been doing that day!) said to me “you know when I first met you, you were this polite maiden type. Now you’re like this seductress or something. You’ve really changed”. He then proceeded to kiss me….

And the proof was there.

Nothing about my body, my sex life or my words had changed. But everything was different.

I had claimed my sensuality + embodied my worth as a woman.

Moving out of your head, and into your body is the art of embodiment. It’s a beautiful practice, an even more divine way of living.

But the first step is claiming yourself as a sensual woman.

What stories do you tell yourself, that separate you from your sensuality?

Is there something that you believe, have experienced or ‘know’ to be ‘true’ that makes you a not-sensual woman?

This is a simple, but critical question to ask yourself if you are not as embodied in your sensuality as you desire. Because anything/one that keeps you from that place only serves to hide your brilliance.

I’d really encourage you to share the answer with me. Comment below!

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