Sensuality is the new Spirituality: Why authentic empowered women need to reclaim their sensual souls

May 12, 2016


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Early on in my spiritual journey, my desire was to be E-M-P-T-Y.

To be empty of the thoughts that harassed my head. To be empty of the pain that kept my heart shut. To empty myself of all the untruth’s that distracted me, so that I could be present to the deep intangible calling I felt within me.

In my pursuit of emptiness, I even sat in silent meditation for 10 days straight during a Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

Yet as I got closer and closer to the emptiness – which is itself a beautiful spiritual place to be, one that we all must understand + appreciate…. my feminine soul began to desire something More.

Something More than empty presence.

Something More than nothing.

My feminine soul began to crave More of Life.

She wasn’t content to sit in silent meditation and let the world pass her by.

She wanted to awaken in her body. To be in her body. To move her body. To love her body + to share that love with the world.

She wanted to feel desires. To desire herself. She wanted to experience deep pleasure, and enjoy the life that existed around her – not shut it out by emptying her being into nothingness.

She wanted to take her emotions into herself and really feel them all – consciously choosing to open her heart to all of her life, the pain and the beauty  – so that she could live More.

She wanted to take those thoughts into herself and really hear them all – for the truths and untruths that they were – so that she could transcend them.

She wanted to be in this imperfect body, with some extra kilograms here and some acne there – and yet see the radical beauty that she was as Woman.

 My feminine soul wanted a life of authentic feminine empowerment.

And that meant reclaiming her sensuality. 

When we look at the masculine + feminine polarity of the universe, we come to see that both exist within us.

The masculine can be depicted by the Universe – empty, present, endless in possibility and strength. Masculine spiritual pursuits include sitting on the side of a mountain in meditation for 10 decades, as the ancient yogis once did.

The feminine on the other hand can be depicted by the Earth – vibrant and full of life, chaotically experiencing herself + her wild beauty. Feminine spiritual pursuits are to cherish all things of beauty, vibrancy and life. She dances and sings her soulful truth, through the temple of her body.

My experience showed me that, while an amount of masculine spirituality and empty presence was needed for me to operate in the world… It wasn’t the fullness that I am as Woman.

Embracing myself as a living, breathing, vibrant embodiment of the divine feminine meant embracing myself as sensual.

A woman who takes pleasure in her senses, who takes pleasure in her body and life. A woman who is turned on by being herself. A woman who puts her pleasure first.

My experience has been that all women secretly, deeply desire to be sensual. At our core we all want to feel pleasure + to have it course through us in our work, or intimate relationships + our life.

Yet at the same time, many of us believe…

“I’m not beautiful enough to be sensual”

“I’m just not a sensual woman! I wouldn’t know how to do it authentically”

“I don’t have time to be sensual, it’s not productive”


As a society, we are cultured to believe that sensuality has so many taboo meanings. We are taught/sold:

  • Sensuality means you look sexy (which is slutty)
  • Sensuality is something you do to get the attraction of the opposite sex
  • Unless I have the ‘perfect’ body, I’m not beautiful enough to be sensual
  • Using your sensual power means you are undermining your intelligence
  • Sensuality is the opposite of feminism

Yet when we strip away all the shame, blame and marketing that surrounds sensuality we realize a deeper truth.

Sensuality is the simple moment of feeling this body deeply.

Sensuality is the act of being present, with your senses.  

EVERY woman is sensual. If she chooses to claim her body, and herself as enough.

Truly it’s that simple.


Being sensual does not make you slutty, or stupid, or a try-hard.

Sensuality makes you a Woman.

For many of us sensuality for many of us feels foreign. Women role modelling authentic, empowered sensuality, based in spirituality (love) rather than agenda (money) are few and far between.

Which is why I have to remind my clients, and myself:

Sensuality is not something you DO. It’s something you ARE.

Sensuality is noticing the feel of that fabric as it brushes your skin. Of taking blissful delight of the colour of the sun as it pours through the leaves outside your bedroom window.

Sensuality is sleeping naked and touching your skin. Sensuality is being with the sensations, without judgement. This is true sensuality.

Collectively the divine feminine is spoken of in many circles. Her power is awakening and women, myself included, desire more fluid-filled feminine lives.

Yet the divine feminine is not only flow and ease and grace.

She is also erotic and powerful and fierce.

The divine feminine is sensual.

And she is asking us to wake up. And take her back.

Ready to put this into practice? Download the free Feminine Magnetism Map and out of your head & into your body in the most authentic, embodied & delicious way.


With love,


7 Comments on “Sensuality is the new Spirituality: Why authentic empowered women need to reclaim their sensual souls”

  1. Yes yes to all of this Jenna. Love this post. What a freeing message that sensuality is both divine and soft and fierce and that there are no polarities, it is all welcome. I truly believe that when we revere this sensual aspect in other women & allow (celebrate) it in ourself, then the magic happens! Yum!

    • Oh yes Riss – thank you. Allowing this within yourself does allow you to love + embrace this essence in another woman to. Transcending the competition that exists among us, and coming back into true reverence of each of us as divine. Thank you woman!

  2. So much truth! How often have I felt the pressure to meditate in a certain way…more masculine than feminine. Love that the practices of being sensual are coming into my attractor field more and more these days, it’s time indeed to explore a new way. Love to you wild sensual woman xx

  3. I really like a lot of this, but I have to point out: sensuality isn’t gendered. When we box in any one trait as feminine or masculine, we create a stigmatizing rift. Sensuality is sacred, but it isn’t “Womanhood.”
    With love and respect. x

  4. Excellent piece. I believe that ALL women should be in touch with their sensual side. This would ensure their happiness and boost their confidence. People would become more happy.

  5. Thank you Jenna for sharing these wise and inspiring words! I so so much recognize myself in what you are describing. My spiritual journey that started only with the masculine kind of emptiness, no mind search. Long meditation hours (meditation is not bad at all but there is so much more!) and I always felt that a part of me is not fully satisfied with this! Is this for me? And I felt guilt for liking beauty and pleasure in life. I remember my boyfriend at the time (with 3 vipassanas behind him) telling me I should not grasp for pleasure so much. He made me feel wrong, guilt and shame. Now I see how important the shakti practices are for my very feminine soul. Dancing, singing, self pleasuring and the yoni yoga. Accepting (and slowly staring to love) my sensitive heart with all its feelings. I am a woman! And I am spiritual!

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