Sept 2018 Coaching Certification Enrollment Opens

May 4, 2018


The world needs more embodied women.

Which means the world needs more coaches, mentors, guides & leaders to show us the feminine way.

The September 2018 class of the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification has opened for enrollment!

You’re invited to download the curriculum & apply at: WWW.JENNAWARD.CO/CERTIFICATIONFeminine-Embodiment-Coaching-Enrollment-Open-School

Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a profound modality of personal coaching that lets the body lead, by dropping clients in the currents of sensation and wisdom that exist within the temple of the body.

In a snapshot, the certification is:

+ 6mth live training (+ 1mth break over Christmas/NY)

+ Online delivery – join from anywhere in the world

+ Coaching style fuelled by feminine power, pleasure & purpose

+ Youll leave with a clear and potent coaching system.

+ And a system for enrolling clients (that works)

Our current students (from around the world – Australia, US, Europe & Asia) are approaching the mid-way point of their 6 month training tell me this program is…

“I’m going on record to say this is the best fuc*ing training program I’ve joined in a long time!!!! Really has me believing in myself that this is absolutely my reality of being able to coach.”

“this is life changing work”

“this work is so powerful, I am constantly blown away by what I’m discovering about myself & what I’m able to create with my clients!”

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It’s also really natural to have questions and/or worries about your ability to coach in a deeply feminine way. In the past women have shared with me:

+ I’m not sure I’m “embodied enough” to be successful in this

+ I’m really worried about my ability to “study” again

+ Will I really be able to make money doing this (and will you show me how)?

These are the types of questions we genuinely look at and explore during your application call (with me, Jenna).

If you’d like to find out more about the certification and take the next step check


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