Why Your Spiritual Team is the Best Investment You Will Ever Make

April 4, 2016


Earlier this year, I joined a five-figure mastermind. It was the most money I had ever spent on anything (excluding my house). The idea terrified me, and it also exhilarated me.

Part of me said… Jenna, you can do this by yourself.

Yet another part of me, an older and wiser part said…

Jenna, seriously. You don’t have to do it the hard way.

As awake + aware women, we are so used to being capable + self-reliant. We are prepared to figure out a way to make it happen + navigate our own way to success.

And we apply this same philosophy to our spiritual path.

Taking it upon ourselves to solo navigate this awakening of our soul.

Yet the journey can be isolating.

We can feel so alone in the process. Our regular supporters (our friends, our lovers and definitely our parents) struggle to understand + comprehend the massive internal shifts we are going through.

And there is nothing more painful than isolation.

At the precipice of my five-figure investment, I stepped back and took stock of my experience to date…

The moments that I deeply cherished.

The times I had the breakthrough.

The experiences that changed my life.

Each moment was, without doubt, 100% my own experience of my own creation. But at the same time, they were not experiences I had alone.

The moments cherished, when I was surrounded by soulful women who got me.

The times I had the breakthrough, when conscious mentors held me in my own power.

The experiences that stood out as life-changing, when I was guided by another to connect more deeply with myself.

Possibly, yes I could have had all those experiences by myself.

But as a woman who very much likes to over-work and do things the “hard work” way, one of my greatest realizations in life has been that…

Investing in having the right people around me, as part of my spiritual team, is the single greatest investment I have ever made in my life.

So yes, while I could do it by myself.

I choose connection.

Connection with women who get me.

Connection with role-models who empower me.

Connection with myself – in the most ease-full way possible.

Empowered women who confidently rock their sensuality in an embodied + authentic way are few and far between.

Role models for this way of operating in life, love + biz are an emerging species.

Yet as you + I woman, participate in this movement of embodied awakening, we are being called to connect, support+ choose the path of ease.

You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to be isolated.

You can give yourself permission to invest. To invest in connection, to invest in ease.

To invest in you.

Truly–it’s the most worthwhile investment you will ever make.

I’m opening a limited number of discovery calls for women who are called to invest in themselves through private embodiment + energy medicine mentoring.

This 4 month mentoring is for the woman who:

  • Desires to awaken her sensual soul
  • Is ready to embody her worth and claim her brilliance
  • Wants to deepen in intimate relationships
  • Desires to align her work more authentically with purpose

It’s an intimate 1:1 collaboration with me.


Let me know that you are interested by completing this form + I’ll be in touch asap with the details for us to take the next step.

It’s time to invest in you, beauty. And however you choose to do that – please know, from the bottom of my heart, it’s the most worthy investment you will ever make!

PS. Head over here to find out more about my private mentoring!

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