The Future is Embodied

May 8, 2021

For the past few months, I’ve been vaguely talking about a project I’ve been working on behind the scenes. It’s been slow to birth (because I have so many wonderful clients to care for, & I only work part-time) but at long last, it’s ready to share with you (I’m so excited). 

In June our school is convening a free virtual conferenceThe Future Is Embodied.

This 3-week event is a combination of expert speakers, roundtables & resources exploring the roots of modern women’s dis-embodiment, and how we might reconfigure our bodies to fuel a fresh trajectory forward (for people & the planet). 

You’re invited to join us (RSVP here for your free ticket).

We are living in wild times. Not only has the global pandemic impacted each and every one of us in different ways, but it’s also highlighted what it means to be human & be part of this global village. 

We are, together, facing so many overwhelming challenges – vaccine inequity, economic instability, racial inequality, a sudden urgency to do something about the out-of-control climate change that is happening already around us. 

I often wonder… what can little-old-me do? 

While I have the personal skills (of embodiment) to ride the intensity & re-orientate to hope, I also feel the pull of hopelessness that just keeps seeming to build.

I believe our bodies hold the past, yet shape the future. 

While there are many, many actions we can take & contributions we can make – one of the key changes is to make sure OUR BODY IS FUELING an embodied future.

We need an embodied revolution.

In order to create a new trajectory forward – we need to re-humanize ourselves, and others. We need to shift out of numbness into vibrant sensitivity. We need to move out of our heads and return home to our bodies. 

So I’ve invited 16 amazing women – from diverse fields such as economics, feminism, trauma, menstruation, embodiment & somatics, social justice, leadership, environmentalism, mothering, pleasuring & more.

Together, we’ll be asking big questions, in personal ways… 
  • How did we get so dis-embodied?
    Why have our bodies internalized a tendency to numb out & dissociate? What is the cultural & collective history of this dis-embodied-epidemic?
  • How do we fully reclaim our bodies?
    We break down reactivating more of our infinite (yet often dormant) potential through the skills of embodiment
  • How can we affect meaningful change for our culture & the future?
    We live in complex, messy, critical times. Together we’ll explore how we can meet these challenges, stay hopeful & practically let our ripple grow wider as a humble embodied activist.

If you’re interested in unraveling more depth around what future YOUR body is fueling, head over to to RSVP for your free ticket.

PS. Scrolled straight down? Here are the highlights = Our school is hosting a rich-AF 3-week virtual conference in June called The Future Is Embodied. It’s free to attend & you can RSVP here

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