The Pain of Growth + Pursuing Uncertain Dreams

April 21, 2016


Growth, change + stepping into the life you are destined to live can be easy.

Making the right choices and finding your sweet spot amidst the chaos of your mind, is possible with total grace.

But it doesn’t always feel that way.

Doubt, confusion.

Is this the right choice?
What will they think?
I don’t have the confidence yet….

I’m not sure…

They arise.

Filling us with fear and indecision. Making it feel hard impossible to step towards the big dream, the big leap, the big expansion with ease and grace.

Just because you are fearful, doesn’t mean that choices have to be hard.

Just because you experience indecision, doesn’t mean that you can’t access possibility + grace.

You are a human.

In all your beautiful human-ness, your survival mind always has (and always will) fear change. It is natural.

Change and growth by their very nature mean stepping from the known into the unknown.

Your survival mind doesn’t like that very much.

It doesn’t like new.

It doesn’t like unknown.

It doesn’t like wild possibilities.

We find ourselves in this place – between the known and the unknown – because our soul is longing for growth, expansion + new ways of being.

Your SOUL is awakening and expanding. It is asking you to step up + transcend.

You want to. You want to be there, in that authentic sweet soul alignment that has your heart melting and your actions aligned with love.

You want to be the feminine embodiment of ease and grace, allowing your lover to support you and your business to become a sacred vehicle for your realization.

Your soul whispers that it’s possible for you.

But that survival mind keeps kicking in…

quoteI know this cycle well. Because it is normal.

Every single authentic woman I know (including me) experiences fear and indecision.

Every single authentic leader (including me) falters at the cusp of growth.

It is natural. It is normal.

Because we are human.

But your human survival mind doesn’t define you. It doesn’t dictate all of who you are.

It is possible for you to feel the fear, and find conviction anyway.
It is possible to experience the indecision, and make the ‘right’ choice regardless.

The only difference that separates those of us making the leaps forward in life, biz and love, and those of us who continue to stay stuck, is this one key decision.

Do I choose to back myself?

This question, this simple decision, is the portal out of overwhelm, doubt, confusion, feeling stuck – and into the timeless wisdom that you are (your soul) at your core, which is filled with ease and grace.

When you are freaking out about the money and can’t see how it could all possibly work…. You ask: do I choose to back myself?

When you are thinking about leaving the lover, yet fear you may never attract another partner (and thus end up alone)… You ask: do I choose to back myself?

When you are on the cusp of publishing your blog/your work/your vulnerable truth into the world and yet you can’t bring yourself to commit to this level of being seen… You ask: do I choose to back myself?

Making the choice to back yourself is the act of trusting your soul.

It is the act of stating to the universe, I am enough. I have the goods and the worth to do this. I believe in me.

That kind of conviction moves mountains.

It’s the kind of conviction that CAN ONLY be found within.

It’s the essence that every successful (and deeply authentic) life, biz and relationship is based in.

Choosing to back yourself and to believe in your greatness,

… even when your logical mind is saying WTF!?

… even when your friends/family want you to make the safe choice

is the medicine that brings you out of your survival mind and into your soul.

Your soul is ready to back you.

Your soul is soooo ready to back you that it’s bought you to this place. Reading this blog right now.

At every major growth point in my journey I’ve been plagued by doubt. There has always been fear.

Yet as I sit here by the sunny Brisbane River, my first time in Australia this year, I am reminded of this essential truth…

Choosing to back yourself is your liberation.

Looking back, I was the only one who could choose to back my wild dreams of freedom, travel, deep intimate love and wildly abundant business based in soul.

I couldn’t rely on my lover, my friends, my parents or anybody else to give me the conviction I needed. There was no qualification that could do it for me.

I had to find the conviction to back myself, within myself.

To know I was worth it.

To choose it was possible for me.

Just like it’s possible for you.

In a few weeks, I’ll be announcing a special offer for women ready to back themselves and get out of their head and into their body, connecting with the powerful and magnetic timeless wisdom of their soul. It’s an offering in embodiment + energy medicine that I’m working on behind the scenes, right now. (more on this next week..)

So the question to you right now is:

Do I choose to back myself?

Let me know in the comments section below how you are backing yourself, and what that looks like for you. I’m ready to celebrate your transcendence of fear and re-calibration into ease and grace beauty. It’s your time.

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