[Q&A] I understand it intellectually, but I don’t feel it fully…!

November 28, 2019


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This week we’re diving into question that landed in my inbox earlier this year… This is a question I receive a lot and one I’ve struggled with myself.
Turning theory into wisdom requires vulnerability. It’s not the peak experience most of us expect it to be. In fact, often we’re asked to embrace the most unlikely things on our question to feel more fully & embrace our feminine more fiercely.

Once things clear – you can’t THINK your way into it.

In this weeks episode we cover:

I Get it Intellectually, But I Don’t Feel It

Today’s special episode will deep dive into a question that was sent to my inbox a few weeks back. Before we start, I’d like to encourage you to send in your questions (if you have any) to support@jennaward.co. If you are feeling trapped or feel overwhelmed with the knowledge that you’re trying to understand, but you don’t fully feel or embody it, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I share some thoughts, tips, and practices:
Consider this: “What is the standard that you are aiming for and what is your expectation?”
The importance of the state that you are experiencing on the inside
Layers of the heart

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