What exactly is “this” way of coaching – FAQ about Feminine Embodiment Coaching

February 11, 2020


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When people ask me what I do, I often respond by telling them “I’m a coach”.

(Because I’m not obliged to educate, or prove my value, to anyone – so I save my breath for those who are genuinely interested)

I tried this approach the other day when meeting a friend’s girlfriend.

“I’m a coach”, I told her…

To my surprise, she replied

“I know. Actually I follow your work. I love what you do!”

So delightful!

As we dived into the discussion it was clear we were on the same page in terms of how we view life.

Yet despite being in agreement – she still asked me to explain exactly what I do

(which I was more than happy to).

Being in agreement with this value system & explaining exactly what it is – Are 2 different things.

Perhaps it’s akin to agreeing that the sky is blue.

And then trying to describe what blue actually is.


Even as a practitioner of feminine embodiment it took me a solid 2 years to perfect my explanation of this art, skill & modality.

In today’s podcast I’m speaking to some of the most FAQ about this modality.

We dive into…

  • What is this ‘modality’ of Feminine Embodiment Coaching & what does it stand for?
  • How is it different from other styles of coaching (like life coaching or mindset coaching)

Perhaps you’re interested in the practicalities like…

  • What kind of clients can I work with?
  • What does a session look like?

Or maybe you want to know more about the training…

  • What is the journey to becoming a coach like?
  • How is the training structured?

We also explore:

  • How do I know if this is the type of work I want to do?
  • Are you embodied enough to be a Feminine Embodiment Coach?
  • Can you *truly* make these wild passions into a viable business?

This is a particularly juicy episode for those who might be interested in our Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification program which is currently open for enrolment



Hello and welcome. I’m Jenna Ward, Feminine Embodiment Coach and Founder of the School of Embodied Arts. If you’re interested in learning more about our six-month Professional Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification Program, then this is an excellent episode for you to listen to. In this ep, we’re going to be answering questions like, what is this modality? How is it different? What kinds of clients can I actually work with? What does a session actually look like? What does the journey to become a coach look like?

We’re also going to be covering a brief training program overview, looking at how this training came about and also feeling into, as we journey together, if this approach, if this way of working, is going to be something that works for you in the type of work that you want to do in the world. So we’re thrilled that you’re here, let’s dive in.

So first of all, what is feminine embodiment coaching? Well, we can break down and define this modality, this way of working, by looking at the title. Coaching is the easiest to define. Coaching is a partnership between two people, which uses powerful questions to reveal new awareness. Coaching is predominantly talking based and questions are used to invite deeper awareness, greater insights for clients. The job of a coach, in short, is to ask really powerful questions.

Now there are so many different types of coaches. There are life coaches and health coaches and mindset coaches and accountability coaches and strategy coaches and mothering coaches and relationship coaches and you name it, so what makes this type of coaching different? Well, we can answer that by looking at the first half of the name of this modality, feminine embodiment. We define the feminine here, not as women or female or those who wear lipstick or wear flower skirts, we define the feminine as the feeling flowing current of aliveness, alive intensity that exists inside everyone, no matter the shape, size or orientation of their body, and every experience.

The feminine is the feeling emotional eon that exists inside all of us and that is going on at all moments of time. We experience that feminine through the temple of our body. Our body is the only place that we can feel. It is the only tool that we have to experience emotions, feelings, sensations, inner sensations, knowing, intuitions and wisdom. And so as a feminine embodiment coach, we are asking powerful questions that invite a client to create greater awareness and to move forward by drawing on the feeling, fluid, emotional states that are always alive inside their body.

So much of our world is disembodied, meaning we’re not tapping into how we are feeling, we’re not allowing the wisdom of the body to lead us. We are forging forward, pushing forward, hustling forward. We are operating in ways that… I mean we make decisions based on what’s practical, what’s expected of us. We’re making decisions based on what we have the time or the resources for. We’re making decisions based on what our mind alone thinks and so much of our world discounts the wisdom and the aliveness existing inside of our body.

Feminine embodiment coaching is about partnering with clients to achieve their goals, including the goal of fully actualizing the individual and unique truth that lives inside every human being and this way of working can then be applied to so many types of situations. We have graduate feminine embodiment coaches that work in areas like mothering, dating, love, magnetism and manifesting, business, marketing, changing careers, grief, divorce. What else is there? There are so many different examples of how women work with this central model of working. Essentially, this modality is about partnering with your client to achieve their desires, but not only rushing and moving forward and using the mind, we’re also about depth, so our invitation is to go deep, deeper into the body first and then to move forward.

You can work with absolutely any type of client or client situation using this way of working. The majority of our clients work with those who identify as women, but equally this way of working is powerful for men or those of gender fluid or nonbinary identities. No matter who you work with, everybody has a current, a feeling flowing immersions and a body, so everybody’s going to benefit from this more sincere way of communing with themselves, asking themselves questions and receiving answers.

A session with a client really practically can be held online or in person. I would say the majority of our coaches work online with their clients, but a big percentage, myself included, either do both or work in person as well. You can work with a client for a single session, one on one, or a series of coaching sessions that might range from three sessions to three months to 12 months or more. There is no one size fits all approach at our school because your body, the way that you work best and your truth, is different from the next person’s. So our job is to help you clarify and define what is your best way of working, what is your most powerful way of offering your skills and your gifts because that’s ultimately the most magnetic and resonant.

We’re going to speak about this idea of resonance again in a little while, but it’s the most magnetic and resonant state for you to occupy as a coach when you just simply honor what your truth is. During a session as a feminine embodiment coach, we teach and we use the core coaching framework as a structure, as a template, for every coaching session, this means that there is a masculine structure for you to rest into. There’s a series of steps that you can follow, but these steps are not dogmatic, they’re not prescriptive. We teach you the steps is a foundation and then invite you to develop your mastery and to evolve and to move past them.

The steps of a session involve, first of all, making sure that you and your client are in your bodies. Very often, we can show up for an experience and we’ve just been hustling and rushing and coordinating everything to be able to show up on time, or if we’re honest, a few minutes late. Step one in these types of coaching sessions and also in the training that we do where we have a big focus on personal mastery is to get into the body and we do that using a few really important cues and processes with our client. And then, we support our client to clarify what is their goal, what is their objective, where do they want to get to, and making sure that this goal is really deeply aligned with not only where they think they want to go, but where their body feels it wants to go.

We then have a whole heap of a variety of tools that we can choose depending on our client’s agreed-upon goal to support them moving forward while honestly moving into depth-first and then moving forward. So if you have a client who’s having trouble with her mother in law, expressing her truth, you might use the boundaries framework from the core coaching framework. If you have a client who wants to, I don’t know, draw in some new clients of her own or draw in a new lover, you might use the magnetism practice. If you have a client who’s going through a really heavy and dark time, you might invite them to use what we call the liberate practice, which is a practice of emotional vulnerability coming back and freeing any frozen tensions so that they can just simply be in more safety and connection within their body. If you have a client who desires to experience more pleasure in the work that they’re doing or in their personal life, you might use one of our pleasure practices to dive into that more.

These are just a few examples of some of the tools that we use. There are about 20 or more tools that you can select from as a coach to guide your client, depending on the situation in front of you. These tools or draw on the core pillars of embodiment and they are structures, they’re frameworks for you to rest into. A lot of coaches that I know show up for a session and expect to use their own personal intuitive guidance to meet the needs of a client every single session. And if you’re doing that day and day out, within a few days, weeks or maybe months, you will burn yourself out because there is no structure to hold the session. You’re constantly drawing on the feminine qualities of your intuition to lead the majority of what’s happening. And in my experience personally and also what I’ve seen with so many fellow coaches around me and the greater coaching and practitioners space is that it’s simply not sustainable.

There is absolutely a need for you to be confident within yourself to dance and to move freely within a client session based on what you’re feeling and based on how you need to respond to your client, but when we have a structure, a foundation upon which we can rest into and stand upon, then that means that we are secure, we know that we are going to give an outcome. We can safely and successfully guide this session without exhausting ourselves because we’ve got a structure to rest into, so incredibly important.

Towards the end of the session as we’ve unraveled into the client’s depth and then begun to move forward in the direction of their goal, we finish with what we call the wisdom wrap up. This is where the client has an opportunity to reflect on the felt embodied states that have come about as a result of this often profound experience and to practically chat to the coach about, well, what are their next steps going to be? Is there any support, any ongoing tools that would be of use? Is there accountability that is needed or that is required? A lot of our coaches offer single sessions, but equally a big percentage of our graduate coaches offer signature coaching sessions where they’re not only addressing the client’s needs in an individual session, but they’re working with a client over a longer period of time, over a bigger journey, a bigger objective, that might take a few days, weeks, well maybe even the better part of a year to actualize.

A great example of this is one of our coaches who’s based in Australia is a dating a relationship coach and she works with her clients really successfully to connect with a greater sense of love within themselves, a greater clarity in the type of partner that they want to draw in and cultivating a deeper sense of magnetism to be in a state of receptivity for that partner and that’s a journey that she takes over a number of months with her clients. On the other side, another example of the way that this core coaching framework can be applied to longer client sessions is that we have another coach who’s in Singapore and she works with these principles in feminine marketing. So this particular coach works with a client to get clearer on their desires in terms of what they want to offer, what they want to earn and then works with them to develop business practices and business marketing materials that keep them plugged into that pleasure and their sweet spot of magnetism so that they can do their work in ways that feel truly good and that leave behind hustle and push.

So both of these coaches are drawing on the central premise, the central morality of the feminine embodiment coaching model, but they’re applying it in vastly different areas for vastly different outcomes over different signature systems and I think that’s what… that makes this way of working so incredibly magical. And as a school, we are going to support you. If you choose to work with us and to study with us, we will support you to create your own signature coaching system. That brings me to the next question, which is, well, what is this journey to becoming a coach like? A lot of women can feel like, “Well, I’m not feminine enough or I’m not embodied enough, or I don’t even know if I’m good enough to coach in this area. I don’t know if I’m going to go through this process and even be able to make it a real business. This is a lot of money for me to invest in myself and is anybody even going to want what I have?”

All of these types of questions and challenges and fears can arise when we think about saying yes to taking our deep truth, which is, “Oh, I want to do this work and I want to work with other clients or other women,” and saying yes to it and doing it in the world. In my experience, this is why it’s so important that whatever training you go on to do it, there is a huge focus on the area of personal mastery. Our training has three prongs of approach. The first is personal mastery. That is taking every tool, every practice, every component of feminine embodiment, from liberating frozen tension through to pleasure, through to boundaries, through to magnetism, through to resistance patterns, through to… There are so many more tools that we have. Taking every single one of those tools and doing it on yourself, in yourself, for yourself.

This is a practice of cultivating a greater and deeper connection with your self and your body, deeper sensitivity within yourself. It also results in you seeing the fruits of these practices, seeing that, “Oh my gosh, this works for me in my life,” and ultimately, this personal mastery is the most important ingredient if you want to develop sincere confidence in the work that you’re doing. Because when you see something work for yourself, when you see the fruit of the practice in your own life, absolutely without a doubt, that is the most valuable and tangible testament to the fact that, “Well, yes, this does work.” And the feminine embodiment coaching does not work in a dogmatic way, meaning we’re not going to dictate the type of experience you have to have, we are going to provide some avenues for inquiry, some possibilities, some practices for you to try and to see what the results are for you in your body because you are the expert.

You are already an inherently, deeply feminine, deeply embodied, deeply amazing human, our job is to simply partner with you to remind you and to keep you coming home to that realization until it rings true in every cell of your being, every moment of the day. And when it does ring true in every cell of your whole being, that is when you are holding a resonance, a resonance that says, “Yes, I am a powerful woman, a powerful individual and an amazing creator,” and that resonance is a huge part of the gift that you then go on to support your clients, to realize within themselves and to take forward into their work and into their world. And this is the piece that, again, brings us back to the importance of embodiment.

It’s so easy for me to think to myself, “I am enough. I am amazing,” but unless I really feel that truth, unless I feel I am enough, I am in so many ways unique and divine, just as you woman are so more than enough, there is something so special and unique and beautiful inside of you and it is my deepest desire that you say yes to that thing inside of you, that you say yes to that spark of divinity and that you let it actualize through the way that you talk to yourself, through the way that you live your life, through the decisions that you make, through the relationships that you enter into, through the work that you do. That is my most sincere hope, that you let that divine spark actualize itself, to be embodied, to live here in this three-dimensional reality inside of you as fully as possible. This is why personal mastery is a must for an embodied practitioner because unless we have received the fruits of this practice and realized them for ourselves, how can we invite our clients to experience the same?

In addition to this most core foundation of personal mastery, we also dive into the theoretical underpinnings. So how do this practice and this way of coaching of feminine embodiment, how does it relate to things like past trauma? how does it relate to feminine theory? How does it relate to the culture of our times? How does this emotional intelligence move inside of us? And in the theory stream, we dive into the mechanics that underpin what we’re doing. The third stream of this training, sorry, just a quick refresher, personal mastery theory and then number three coaching. The coaching stream is about, “Okay, how are you going to do this now with another person, with a client?” The coaching stream is where we dive into all of the steps, the sequences, the practices, the troubleshooting, the demonstrations and the discussions around actually successfully and safely working with a client.

During the training program, we move through these three streams in each of our six modules. So each month, there’s a series of personal mastery practices, theory, learnings and coaching tools that you will learn. Really practically the way that this program is delivered is at the start of the month, you receive a manual that has those three streams included. You’ll receive your personal mastery practices, your theory learnings, and your coaching skills and tools that come as a beautiful PDF that you can keep and also an audio that you can listen to if you learn better that way. And in addition to the self-paced learnings, we also have a wide range of group goals where we all come together to learn and discuss, to demonstrate and to practice these tools with our peers in a really vibrant, beautiful live community with our teaching team.

In addition to this, we have a group where we can ask questions, receive support and chat throughout the entirety of the six months together. And we make sure that we partner you up with plenty of your peers to have as much coaching practice, both giving and receiving, as you can handle. Once you graduate, what you’re going to leave this program with is a really, really solid foundation. Number one, within yourself as a woman, the personal realizations are huge. Yes, you will be more embodied. You will not be perfectly embodied because there is no such thing. Life keeps happening. Every day we wake up and there are new opportunities to grow and to meet and engage with life intimately and fully and we’re going to invite you to say yes and to continue to deepen your embodiment every single day. So you don’t have to be perfectly feminine in feeling, you don’t have to be perfectly embodied, there is no such thing. Rather, we just aim for meeting every day as fully and intimately as we can.

This personal foundation is one of the most valuable things that you will leave with. You will be more resonant as a person and you will notice the ripple of effect through relationships and existing agreements in your life and your coaching clients. You’ll also leave with a really clear structure, framework and an awesome arsenal of tools to be able to coach with any client, in any situation. And finally, we’re going to support you to really make sure that you are clear in what your signature work will be. We’re going to get clear in what your signature system, your signature way of coaching and working with clients will be so that you can develop different ways of packaging your work and we have a whole module that is devoted to embodied entrepreneurship, so that’s very practically about getting clients. How do you have discovery calls with clients? How do you price your offers? How do you market your offers? How do you speak to this way of evolving?

There’s not a whole heap of feminine embodiment coaches in the world. But at the same time, the world is really waking up to the importance of not only our mindset being on track, but in fact, our entire body being inline and a full yes. And mama earth is showing us that this is the way forward, we cannot continue with this logic only, full steam linear growth. Nature is showing us that the need to slow down, to return home, to revere is here, that is the return and the emergence of the feminine. And in my practice, I certainly have seen that the demand for this way of working is growing. I see that with a lot of our graduate coaches as well. In addition to this business support, you will also find a beautiful circle of women and peers who are on this same journey of stepping into leadership, stepping into an up to their desire to work with others and a really beautiful community of women who will cheer you on and maybe even some friendships for life.

In fact, just the other day, I received an email from one of our past graduates. She was organizing a mini-retreat with five women who went through the program at the same time as her. They were coming together. It was about eight months after the program had finished. They’d all stayed in contact and they were coming together for, they called it their own feminine embodiment retreat. So happy to hear these kinds of beautiful relationships developing. As I’ve been speaking, there’s probably a sense within you about if what I’ve described is something that excites you, that turns you on. Ultimately, a lot of women want to know, “Will this way of working work for me?” And the honest answer is that I don’t know because I’m not you. I don’t have your answers, I can’t advise you on what is ultimately your decision as a sovereign woman.

But what I can instruct you, or invite you rather, to do is to pause and to notice how you feel, to notice what’s alive inside you as I’ve described this way of working, as I’ve described this training, to pause, to notice how you feel and to ask yourself if the types of approaches and the types of opportunities that we’ve spoken about here today bring forth some excitement, maybe tingled with a little bit of fear. A little bit of fear is a good thing because when you’re edging up to your known comfort zone and you’re moving into a zone which you’ve not occupied before, then naturally that’s the unknown, that’s the new, and anything new and unknown can inspire a little bit of unsureness within us, but that’s also the same edge that is our edge of growth.

If you’d like to find out more about this training, then I would encourage you to check out feminineembodimentcoaching.com. You can download the curriculum. And also if you would like to, you can speak with a member of our teaching team about where you’re at with your desires, what you’re wanting to do with your work and if this training is going to be the right fit for you. We like to speak with every woman who’s coming into the training to make sure that we are a fit and that you are going to have your needs met and exceeded by this amazing six-month professional program. I’d love to chat with you if you think this is a way of working that you might enjoy bringing to the world. Thanks so much for joining me for this episode and I look forward to hopefully getting to know you in the future.

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