What is a Feminine Leadership Mastermind?

November 7, 2019


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A Feminine Leadership Mastermind is, in short…

A collective of creative business women coming together regularly.

Aligning the masculine & strategic doing of their passion-based work
with feminine feeling depth.

To actualize the leader within more fully
& create success in sustainable & magnetic ways.

Unsure if this might be for you. Well, let’s start with this question. Warning, it’s going to sound totally cliché, but stick with me here…

Is there a sense of untapped capacity within you?

A capacity for MORE. MORE of everything.

MORE ease, pleasure & flow in the way you work.
MORE money, clients & results in the value you offer.

And are you equal parts excited & often confused about how to actualize that MORE?

How to embody the leader & business woman you, deep down, know you’re here to be?

I feel you. We’re drawn to this work because we know the value of transformation it holds.

And we also know this business is a container for our own epic growth & transformation (warts & all)…

Many years ago, after a year of full time 1-1 client work, I was feeling drained & shacked to my biz.

I was serious about making a success of this passion.

Yet I knew that if I wanted my coaching based biz to flourish into the freedom-and-ease-saturated model I dreamed of when I left my comfortable day job, I’d need more than just my (epic) coaching skills.

What I needed was:

  1. More entrepreneurial skills & know how
  2. A ginormous upgrade in what was possible

And I had no freaking clue where I could get those needs met.

Serendipitously a girlfriend/biz-friend suggested I check out a Mastermind… A year-ish-long program with a mentor that embodied the same values as me.

It’s incredibly hard to find a mentor who holds the same values as you. I’ve had only a handful along my entrepreneurial journey.

As a smart woman, I’m sure you’ve already noticed, you don’t vibe with everyone. It’s very rare to find a mentor who holds the personal codes & business capacity to truly hold you in your own upgrade.

I was fortunate enough to find one of those mentors early on.

She was holding codes & possibilities & skills & upgrades that I couldn’t even imagine.

It was risky AF to make the decision to work with her. It meant overseas travel & there were at least two different credit cards involved.

But I trusted that investing in my own business was going to yield a big ROI/return on investment.

Our culture sees investing in yourself as ‘risky’. Yet we’re all okay with taking out loans for new cars & other shit our soul doesn’t really need…?

In choosing to invest the $ in myself I was placing my money where my belief was – in my capacity to create success.

Jenna Ward 066

Looking back I can hand on heart say it’s one of the quickest ROIs I’ve ever made. The cash that that investment create actually became a significant chunk of my family home’s deposit.

So back to this Mastermind. A gathering of like-minded & like-hearted women who were all upgrading their business.

It was like I entered a new world.

Receiving both practical how-to, but also the inner upgrades that I couldn’t get from my partners or friends or family (despite having beautiful people around me).

My biz-peers told me that in that year, it was like my business took off like a rocket.

My work was commanding so much more visibility, getting so much more potent & generally I felt like I was rocking biz in a way that was no longer anything resembling a hobby.

The effects are still rippling through me to this day & have become an incredibly critical foundation for ongoing exploration & business growth.

After my own profound experience – I went to work for several years. Building my offerings, my team & my business.

I actualized the freedom-ease dream which looked like scaled my hours back to 15-20/week (from about 30hrs/week). We bought in a team (we’re currently at 8 part-time staff, myself included). We built up our cash reserves (so I never had to cross-my-fingers-for-a-wage again). Did maternity leave while still receiving income from my biz.

All the while building on the upgrades I received, to create my own path as a successful entrepreneur. And honestly I’ve still got further to go.

I don’t have it all sorted.

I still discover new evasion strategies my body has devised to keep me contained.

I think I always will.

And I keep devoting to meeting those opportunities & upgrading how I work with the skills & practices of feminine leadership.

Usually (in the entrepreneurial world) a mastermind is all about:

  • Strategy & how-to-steps
  • Following a prescribed sequence of steps to replicate someone else’s success (the mini-me approach – ewww.)

But in a feminine leadership mastermind, we root our growth in the principles of a feminine economy which values achieving more by doing less, cyclic growth, calibrating our bodies before doing & leading in socially just ways.

Yes, we’ll be talking about our feelings, in honest & vulnerable ways.
Yes, we’ll be tuning into our bodies & noticing what needs to be addressed & liberated.

But we’re not just sitting around in a circle, burning candles & checking when’s the next Mercury retrograde…

We’re here to actualize.
To get some serious shit (& success) DONE.

Put another way – in a feminine leadership mastermind, we use intuitive principles married with moving forward in the way we manage our money, plan our offerings, create our projects & actualize our success.

I asked some of our 2019 Mastermind babes what they thought/felt about their experience. They kindly shared…

“What I’ve loved most has been the depth of learning and mentoring that I have experienced from both Jenna and the other ladies. The mastermind has helped me navigate challenges with greater ease and it’s given me ‘next level’ motivation to really step into my leadership and run a successful and sustainable business.

Seriously, our calls are the highlight of my week and knowing that I have our supportive circle of like-minded sisters is everything to me right now.”

“The content of the teaching calls has been so potent, timely and EXACTLY what I’ve wanted/needed to explore. I’m enrolling clients into programs I want to deliver!

“What I’ve loved most has been that it’s been really supportive for my goal this year to step into being a leader myself. Having Jenna as a mentor gives a beautiful transmission and she is also very good at showing her humanness which is very supportive when up leveling myself. It’s totally perfect to be a leader and a woman who is still having challenges and is not afraid to share about them. that is really empowering.

I learn so much every time we have a teaching call and that’s because Jenna has a unique way to dissect and present hard facts combined with ancient body wisdom.”

If you’d like to find out more about the principles of feminine leadership check out this free workshop www.jennaward.co/leader

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& if you’d like to find out more about our next Mastermind head to www.jennaward.co/mastermind

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