What is a feminine embodiment coaching session like?

July 11, 2019


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Over the years I’ve had the great joy of coaching hundreds of women using feminine embodiment coaching and honestly, no 2 sessions have been alike.

But if you’ve ever wondered what actually happens inside a feminine embodiment coaching session, let me take you on a little journey down the rabbit hole….


The first thing to know is that coaching is a partnership that’s based on powerful questions.

Questions are like keys. They open doors & rooms that might previously have been unexplored.

The job of a good coach is to ask powerful questions.

I often hear from women “but I’m younger than most women, or don’t have life experience in that area, who am I to tell someone what to do”.

This is a common fear that stands in the way of claiming our desires. But the fact is a coach isn’t there to tell you what to do or to give advice. It’s possible your coach hasn’t lived that exact experience, and in every likelihood, your coach doesn’t know exactly what is going on for you. But you do.

You are the expert on YOUR body.

A powerful coach is there to help you find YOUR OWN ANSWERS.

This is a big distinction that makes coaching different from advising – as a coach I don’t have to answers or to fix my clients problems. I’m here as a resource to help them do it for themselves.

“Finding my own answers is a huge part of my sovereign freedom as a woman – and I want my clients to have the same experience.”
– Katrin, Feminine Embodiment Coach
“My confidence as a coach has soared because I know that guiding a woman/client back to her truth is THE answer. I’m not there to be a know it all – I’m just there to lovingly guide a woman back to herself. It’s a beautiful journey to take with a client and it’s allowed me to be more present, curious and open in my sessions.”
– Siobhan Barnes, Feminine Embodiment Coach


If the job of a coach is to ask powerful questions.

Then the job of a feminine embodiment coach is to ask powerful questions that invite awareness into the feminine aspects of our body.

Put another way, we:

  • Don’t only listen to what our head & mind says (though this is valuable)
  • We also feel into the feminine emotions, chaos & feelings (feminine)
  • By bringing our awareness into the body & her sensations (embodiment)

Our society is obsessed with “what do you THINK about that?”

Not so many people are asking “what do you FEEL about that?”

As a feminine embodiment coach, we understand that at the heart of all our multidimensional self is a body that FEELS.

These feelings, these sensations, are a treasure trove of intuition, wisdom & body-based-insight that are largely untapped.

The body knows the answer.
The body keeps the score.

And the job of the feminine embodiment coach is to ask questions and hold a space of resonance, that invites the client to answer questions more fully, using their head AND BODY as the powerful resource it truly is.

Also essential to note – You can’t think your way into pleasure, or magnetism.

These are experiences or feelings that we have access to… So if we want to pursue our goals in a way that feels juicy, sensual & alive – then it’s ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that the body is on-line and invested in our goal.

“I am there to guide them through the terrain of their own body and sensations, thoughts and feelings so together we find the answers. It’s a powerful paradigm shift for them because they don’t see me as an expert but rather as a partner. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from clients that they love this approach.”
– Anna Rova, Feminine Embodiment Coach



Naturally, our client has a goal, somewhere they want to get to.

For many types of coaching modalities, a goal is set, then steps are taking to achieve it & keep the client accountable to it.

This direction-first model is (in our opinion) a little like skating the surface & denying the HUGE RESOURCE that a woman has within her body.

You can make all the action plans & steps in the world but if your body is not truly orientated and fuelled for that goal, then all you’ll achieve is procrastination, delay, distraction & frustration.

Feminine embodiment coaches are about depth-first, then direction.

We desire to support our clients clarify their goals & desires – which might be material or emotional – and then examine what’s truly going on in the depth of their body.

Instead of making an action plan.

We dive into the sensations, feeling & wisdom of the body.

We invite our client to somatically orientate towards their goal.

And examine what’s standing in their way.

Perhaps we illuminate limiting beliefs or thoughts. More likely though we encounter unexpressed, unintegrated or unexamined frozen tensions, uncomfortable sensations & fuel that’s bound up and FROZEN inside the body.

Together with our client, we use the pillars of embodiment to unravel that frozen tension – and let it move back into its most natural state of FLOW.

Once a woman is in-FLOW, she has the inner fuel to move in the direction of her desires.

With pleasure, ease & an overflowing felt sense of magnetism.

It’s a very different way to “achieve your goals” because it’s not about MOVING FORWARD FIRST.

It’s about DROPPING IN and prioritizing our depth as humans.

“Often, our visible issues that we try to change are only decoys for many undercurrents which do not even seem to be related and sometimes cannot even be put into words. This is a very annoying and frustrating space because to our rational, goal-oriented minds this seems like a waste of time, yet I’ve experienced many times that the clarity we gain from going deep first transforms and recalibrates our issues, so that they appear less daunting and we can move forward with more ease and even pleasure.”
– Katrin, Feminine Embodiment Coach



So what are these pillars of embodiment you speak of….??

Usually when someone asks you a question you pause to think the answer, respond, then move on.

This kind of linear (masculine) operating moves you forward, so it’s a celebrated & often habituated way of operating for most people.

A feminine embodiment coach doesn’t want you to rush forward. They want you to move deeper. So when we ask a question, we invite your entire body to be present with it.

We bring breath & awareness, movement & sound into the experience.

You might be invited to:

  • close your eyes and drop into the body.
  • move as a thought.
  • use sound to let tension move through you.
  • let your body lead you into a movement or shape that expresses what you’re truly feeling within.

By engaging the body – using these pillars of embodiment – we move deeper into the feminine, non-linear, somatic world, and into the heart of our purpose, pleasure & power as a woman.

“I had a client ask me to explain embodiment and we decided to do a test….we did one session with the pillars of embodiment and one without. I asked her to compare the two and what difference it made to her cognitively knowing the steps vs. deeply embodying the steps…she said “I don’t know how to explain why, but I got so much more out of the embodiment session” That’s the power of this work.”
– Siobhan Barnes, Feminine Embodiment Coach


On a super practical level feminine embodiment coaching sessions:

  • Are private 1-1 sessions
  • Can be held in person, or online.
  • Can range from 20minutes to full-day experiences.
  • The coaching modality can be used by itself, as a stand-alone modality.
  • Or it can be mixed with other skills, tools & modalities to create something special (the preference is dictated by how a particular coach & client work best)


We’ve just opened our Find A Coach Directory!

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Do you have questions about feminine embodiment coaching? Want more information or to ask if a specific situation or goal would benefit from this kind of work? Let me know in the comments section below babe – would love to chat!

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