What do I want if I can’t have a pedi…?!?!

November 19, 2019


Last week I showed up at my regular pedi place – only to be turned away. They were too busy!

I was stunned. This had never happened before.

I desperately wanted a pedi & the “beautiful & put-together” feeling it gives me (even when I’m rocking a baby-vomit-shirt & don’t have anything together).

In fact, it was the ONLY thing I did want.

The ONLY thing I could consciously identify I desired.

As a new momma, I’ve noticed that I’ve forgotten a lot of my personal desires.

If my baby is health/sleeping/well then I’m happy. Our energy is so enmeshed that right now that her desires, are my desires.

Except for that 1 thing I REALLY wanted… my pedicure.

So when that was ‘taken away’…

I was totally clueless about how to proceed.

Living in the absence of desire is a dangerous place to be.

But you don’t have to be a new mum to be lacking in the DESIRE department.

You too might be short on DESIRE if you find yourself filling your day with…

  • Other peoples desires & goals
  • Things that ‘need to be done’
  • All the practicalities all the time
  • “Just going through the motions”
  • Tuning out with your numbing-agent-of-choice (food, Netflix, or fantasy fiction)

Desire-less-living is a dangerous place to hang out too long.

When we don’t take time to cultivate our desires, we’ll end up filling our hearts with everyone else’s & lose ourselves in the process.

This is a breeding ground for frustration, resentment & loss of identity.

For me, it’s been essential to lose my identity of maiden, so that I can discover my new desires as mother (an ongoing process).

But as my baby grows & others begin to love & care for her more – I am being forced to re-connect with my desires.

It’s not been easy.

We’re sold so many ideas of what our desires SHOULD be.


As a woman, I’m told my desires should be to:

  • be beautiful
  • be skinny
  • be a good mother & put my baby first

As a coach & entrepreneur I’m told my desires should be to:

  • get more clients
  • make more money

When in reality my desire are to:

  • feel life FULLY
  • express myself & feel creativity flow through me
  • model the most alive woman I can be for my daughter
  • save the fucking planet 1 choice at a time

The model of feminine embodiment holds that your TRUTH, your DESIRES, are alive & well inside you ALWAYS.

At it’s most primal level, desire exist inside you as a FEELING.

The feeling comes first.

I love my pedi because it makes me feel… beautiful, cared for & nourished.

Pretty toes just happen to be a sensual side effect.

The answers you seek, the purpose you’re destined for, the clarity you’re waiting on… it’s INSIDE you already.

But you have to pause & FEEL it.

The job of a powerful coach is to partner with you to ask the right questions… so that you mine the depths of your desires.

The job of a feminine leader is to bring this kind of feeling-first way of operating to her work & her business.

The job of every woman is to tune in & listen to your desire.

So firstname, a question for you this Thursday.

Q: How do you want to feel?

Q: What action could bring that feeling into your life today?

You’re allowed to start small. Get the pedi.

Then let the beautiful feelings that are birthed from this micro-desire fuel the fire of your great passions & purpose here on this amazing planet.

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