When manifesting isn’t working: How to draw your desires in using the feminine art of magnetism

March 19, 2019


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Around 5 years ago I discovered a happy “side effect” of living the ‘embodied’ way (that is, inhabiting my body & full range of emotions & sensations)…. magnetism.

At the time I was living in Bali & all at once, my desires began to converge upon me.

Clients literally started popping up out of the blue (when I wasn’t even trying to enroll or sell anything). I went on one fun Tinder date and met my husband.

Something magical was happening.

After some research (of my own personal experiences, inner dynamics & magnetism principles) I began to see the gift of feminine magnetism was at play.

What a delightful effing side effect!!


Magnetism is the ability for us to draw our desires towards us with feminine ease.

It’s similar to manifesting – Very similar.

Except, there is 1 big difference that I’ve noticed between “magnetic” women and “manifesting” women…

  • Women who manifest tend to use their brain-power & will to draw their desires towards them. In this way manifests are generally more ‘mental’ individuals.
  • On the other hand, magnetic women tend to use their feeling-power & pleasure of their body to draw their desires towards them. In this way magnetizers are generally more fluid, feeling individuals.

Which of these 2 groups do you lean towards?

Let’s find out!

Tally your Yes/No responses to the following 5 questions:
  Tip: Get super honest with yourself

1. When what you desire to manifest doesn’t arrive do you start THINKING a lot about WHY that is (a lot)?

2. Does your manifesting practice feel more logical & practical, rather than juicy, sensual & overflowing?

3. When what you desire to manifest doesn’t arrive do you quickly step into DOING & taking ACTION in the direction of that desire?

4. Deep, deep down do you fear or doubt that you might not be ‘good enough’ or ‘worthy enough’ to draw in your deepest desires?

5. Does your manifesting practice looks like writing lists, or sitting in stillness (rather than moving or dancing your body)?

Now it’s time to tally your results:

You answered with more YES’s than NO’s = you’re currently a mental manifester
You answered with more NO’s than YES’s = you’re currently a body-based magnetizer

Whichever group you fall into, it’s essential to remember…

EVERY human has the ability to cultivate their magnetic potential. We are ALL intrinsically magnetic.

The trick is, this is a way of operating that hasn’t been role-modeled or celebrated for many of us.

As most of us go about our mental-manifesting, we’re often accidentally leaving a whole dimension of ourselves (our feeling body) out of the equation.

The end result – our manifesting either doesn’t work, or it feels DRY. It’s MENTAL & fuelled by our WILL-POWER.

So many women are drawing on their will-power, their life force energy, to make their manifesting happen. And it’s a recipe for burn out & exhaustion. I’ve done it myself, it’s all force & no fun.

Instead, I’d suggest that we take the beautiful foundation of mental-manifesting while remembering to bring our body into the equation.

Here are 3 practical tips to turn your manifesting practice into a body-based magnetism experience:

1. A key part of the recipe is SENSUALITY 

Magnetism draws on the wisdom of the body, including the wisdom of our sensuality.

Consider… How many manifesting discussions or techniques you’ve encountered that include empowered-sensuality?

Not many (if any)!!

Sensuality doesn’t have to equal sexuality.

Let’s define sensuality here as the act of engaging all our senses for the purpose of pleasure & enjoyment. These senses might be your sense of touch, taste or smell. Or even the internal senses of feelings and emotions that are alive within you.

Your enjoyment of your senses (sensuality) is one of THE KEY INGREDIENTS in magnetism!

I often like to think about magnetism this way – you’re seducing your desires into your body & your world.

Practically, my magnetism practice often looks like movement or dance. Allowing the sensuality & joy of being in my body & attuning the magnets in my body to the position of “ATTRACT & DRAW IN” which feels amazing.

We go into the 4 steps of this movement practice in Module 6 of The Embodied Woman Program which is opening for enrollment soon. If you’d like to know more about when this program opens enter your details here. 


2. Acknowledge why it’s not here yet

When the thing we desire hasn’t arrived yet, there’s a good chance that we might be holding something inside our body that’s preventing it from landing.

Put another way – we might be holding something, a fear, doubt, idea, belief or feeling – that’s actively REPELLING our desire, instead of attracting it.

If your desire doesn’t turn you on with delight & possibility, then it’s likely that there’s something in your body that’s (perhaps secretly) repelling your desire. Which is normal, and which needs addressing.

My man & I have recently been magnetizing a new home for us. But the right house just wasn’t appearing! This is rare for me, I’ve used magnetism in the past to draw in a number of perfect-for-us-homes, but this time, it “wasn’t working”.

When I tuned into my desire, it didn’t feel like pleasure & possibility in my body. It felt heavy, like a weight on my heart. I realized I felt like “I’m the only one who wants this home & I have to do this by myself” (even though my man was 100% in on the plan).

Once I got clear on this belief (which I also experienced as a feeling and a fear) I could do something about it (ie. have a conversation with my man & recalibrate together). This cleared the way for our joint desire to become a pleasure-filled, shared experience (as it should be).

When we’re unwilling to acknowledge the beliefs, fears & doubts that don’t feel good or pleasurable in our body – we avoid addressing the very aspects of ourselves which are quietly repelling our desire.

Remember these ‘repelling beliefs and fears’ are NOT a block, and they don’t make you broken.

Rather they are your INVITATION to clear out the old. They are GIFTS from your body, who is bringing this ‘repelling belief & fear’ to the surface NOW so that it can be addressed and be attuned to your highest desire.

3. Magnetism isn’t McDonald’s.

Magnetism isn’t McDonald’s.
Your order is not guaranteed to be delivered.

We live in this world that says…
If you work hard you’ll be successful.

This ubiquitous story (combined with the sometimes-BS the transformational industry sells us) cons us into believing… “If I manifest/magnetize perfectly I’ll be successful.”

So then, if I’m not receiving what I desire – I must not be magnetic. NOT TRUE.

Hard work is not a guarantee of success. Success is so much more complicated than that.

Success is impacted by the energy, privilege & opportunities we hold. If we compare how hard I had to work to be where I am today, and expected a woman with far less privilege than me to achieve the same – we’d be kidding ourselves.

Similarly, magnetism is so much more complicated than we can comprehend. You might have the PERFECT manifesting/magnetizing technique and it might not work.

Because we live in an imperfect world.

You are not inherently broken, or less than if your magnetism isn’t working like a McDonalds drive-through. You are simply human beautiful being.

Take faith in the fact that what’s for you simply will not go past you.

Hopefully, these definitions & tips have helped you tap into a more magnetic manifesting process. If you’d like the explicit step by step instructions to cultivate magnetism then come join us in The Embodied Woman Program. Enter your details here to be notified when doors open.

We spend 3 months together calibrating your body to clearing out the old, awakening sensuality & turning your magnetism up to full volume. Doors are opening soon for the live program & group coaching experience & you can express your interest here to be the first to know!

Bonus tip that I’d love to leave you with today. Remember magnetism is a devotion, it’s a process that requires regular practice. When there is something I’m super ready to call in, I’ll spend a little bit of time every single day dancing my desires into my body – and giving them attention & some sensual pleasure to help them on their way.

Little Note – Got a question about magnetism? Or something specific you’re currently struggling with? Hit me up in the comments – I’d love to chat with you!

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