Why most transformational tools don’t work (and what you can do about it)

May 18, 2016


I estimate (conservatively) that I’ve spent around $70K on transformational tools, trainings and spiritual self-help books in my lifetime. It’s a figure I would invest again without hesitation – because it’s brought me to this place today.

Yet through all that training (I have experience in 7+ different new age techniques), through all that travel (to 4 different continents in search of ‘the answers’ ) and through bookshelves of books… I’ve come to learn that a great many spiritual tools just don’t work – because they don’t last.

Transformation – in order to be genuine – has to stick.

Transformation, in order to be meaningful, has to create permanent and lasting change within us, for the better.

Through my many and varied experience, I’ve come to see that many transformational tools, which feel magic in the moment, often bring you right on back to where you started from… Back to the start – frustrated, exhausted and with an empty wallet to match.

Whose fault is that?

We could take the spiritual approach and say “oh it’s perfect that I didn’t learn or truly transform because that’s the path my soul has chosen”. Yes I’ve done that a number of times.

We could take the blame approach and say the spiritual tool isn’t ‘good enough’ to create lasting transformation. Yes, I’ve done that too.

Yet none of these excuses help us to live more deeply passionate or richly purposeful lives.


Through my experience, I’ve come to see that there is ONE key reason why most transformational tools do not work. It’s this:

Most transformational tools do not take into account all four dimensions of your being.

We are each built of four key “bodies”; superimposed energy structures of higher and higher vibrations.

At the highest level is our ENERGY body, the home of our soul and light.

One level down is our EMOTIONS body, the home of our feelings and sensations.

One level down further is our BELIEFS body, the source of thought and mind.

The densest level is our BODY, our physical body of flesh and bone.

Together, these four bodies build the ‘you’ – a spiritual being having a physical experience.

arrow- 4 body

In order for any transformation, for any change to truly stick, I’ve come to see that it must be integrated through all four bodies.


The level of our energy, emotions, beliefs and body need to be in alignment in order for lasting change to happen.

When these bodies are in alignment, the highest potential – the light of our soul – is free to flow down from your energy body, into the emotions and beliefs body – and out into the world through your physical body. When these bodies are in alignment, you become your living, breathing soul purpose in the world (and most importantly, you feel good!).

Many transformational tools fail to create lasting results because they focus on just one of the four bodies. While this can feel like a breakthrough at the time, unless the remaining bodies are also able to upgrade to the new possibility, we quickly find ourselves falling back into old habits and old patterns.

While this specific focus on just one of the four bodies is noble, it’s often not enough to create lasting and easeful growth that many of us desire.  

So what can we do about it?

As a woman committed to living an epically fabulous life + and a practitioner and mentor guiding women to do the same – I am only interested in transformation tools that last.

This is what we collectively, as awakening women need right now. Not more theory, not more tools and techniques that often don’t last the long term.

What we need right now are transformational tools that help women connect with the wisdom that already exists within them.

I believe we do this through becoming masters of our own domain.

I believe we do this by learning how to work with our four bodies.

I believe we do this by experiencing the light of soul moving into our being and from that place – living the magic we are here to live.

In The Embodied Woman group program, which is opening for enrollment later this month, I’m taking an intimate group of awake + aware women on a journey into their four bodies. Teaching them the step-by-step process to navigate our nebulous world of energies and emotions, so that they can create a life that turns them on.

Today I want to share with you one of the KEY questions, for each of the four bodies, so that you can start to consider where more growth is possible for you…

The ENERGY body asks us:

What would my soul have me do?

Tuning into soul desires and learning to communicate with your soul is a potent way to get clear on what you want, and what you are here to live.


The EMOTION body asks us:

How do you truly, deeply feel in your open heart?

Our heart, the spiritual center of our being, is a portal into our soul and also the center of our emotions. Asking your heart to open and feel an experience as it is (even if it means feeling constriction or pain) is a potent portal into             deeper insight + experience.


The BELIEFS body asks us:

What stories do I tell myself?

The level of our mind and beliefs can create so many stories of ‘should’ and not enough. In The Embodied Woman we learn to navigate these stories with embodied ease and that starts with identifying what story you are telling yourself now.


The PHYSICAL body asks us:

What action am I taking (here, in this reality) to be the woman I truly know I am?

How we spend our time is a reflection of the truth we are actually living. The actions and energy of our physical body is a manifestation of our alignment in the higher energy bodies.

filtered jenna at the gate

Understanding and working with the four bodies is the path to living as an embodied woman. A woman who is able to channel her soul desires, live her passions and expand her freedom in the most authentic, easeful and embodied way.

My experience has shown that learning to work with the four bodies is essential for EVERY woman – in relationships, in business, in life – who truly desires to step up and live authentically.

It’s the spiritual education we never received. It’s the transformational tool that works.

If you desire to tune in and connect more authentically with your bodies, I’ve created this lush energy upgrade .mp3 audio to guide you, with ease.

download the audio
We are also having a juicy conversation about beliefs, blocks + fears over in The Embodied Woman Facebook Group. Jump over to the group and join us now.

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P.S. If you are interested and ready to master your own domain I’m sharing more techniques from The Embodied Woman group program via some live Facebook chats in The Embodied Woman Facebook Group later this month. Jump over to the group and join us now.

With love,


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  1. Yes, yes,yes! Our whole being has to be in alignment for us to be able to live whole + fulfilling lives here. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming workshop.
    Love + light Lisa xx

    • Gorgeous Lisa! Yes thank you woman! I have a delicious online program coming out in the next few weeks so I’ll be sure to keep you posted beautiful x

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