[GUEST POST] The Confusing & Messy Journey of Embodied Living & Leading

December 11, 2019


Hanne Lina is an Intuitive Coach & Female Embodiment Teacher & graduate of our School of Embodied Arts. We do hope you enjoy her beautiful blog x Jenna

Do you know how difficult it is to solve a Rubik’s cube without knowing the secret of how to solve a Rubik’s cube?

It is almost impossible.

Have you experienced how difficult it is to live and lead from an open heart without knowing how to connect deeply to your intuition, trust your heart and hear her whispers?

For most modern women living their crazy-ass busy lives, solving a Rubik’s cube sounds like a walk in the park compared to being asked to set their minds aside and drop into their bodies, wombs, and hearts and asking these parts of themselves for guidance.

At least that was certainly the case for me.

A few years ago I had never heard of embodiment. I had never dreamed of feeling like a walking goddess and I had definitely not dreamed of being treated as one – not only by my lover but also by people around me.

No one had ever asked me to look for guidance inside of my womb, my soul or my heart.

All that was acknowledged and rewarded was my never-resting mind.
My body was so full of unresolved grief, suppressed anger, trauma, and stress – and all I did was keep thinking my way through life.

This was not only destructive but also dangerous in my case…

I became a sleeping pill addict who liked to mix my red wine with pills (and maybe just a drag of a joint) for ‘a good night’s sleep’.

To quiet my mind.
To numb out.
To start over the next day.

Until it all hit rock bottom and life turned into a black and white movie.

In a very short amount of time, I went through the same amount of trauma that is otherwise portioned out through a ‘normal’ lifetime.

I personally had to go through deep trauma to find my way to embodiment work, shamanic traditions and tantric practice (which are a few of the tools I use in my coaching today, seasoned with some good old mindset work).

So why do I believe it’s important to recuperate the lost art of heart- spirit- and body-based living and leadership?

Because our mind plays constant tricks on us.

It distorts reality.
It’s where our inner mean girl has built her temple.
It’s where our ego doesn’t want us to move beyond our comfort zone.
It’s where memories get re-written to fit our story of pain, suffering, inadequacy, and victimization.

The body on the other hand – She never lies.

She can’t lie.

It’s pretty likely that you actually would like her to lie sometimes (because she has the ability to make you so fricking uncomfortable), but she’s just not capable of BS.

She just doesn’t know how to.
So we numb her out and cut her off all we can.
And we wonder why life isn’t better…

We have the external ‘all’…
But our inside is disconnected and numb.
Which is a shame…

Because our hearts and wombs are where our inner (often very suppressed) goddess has built her temple.

And if we all knew how to put that version of ourselves in the driver’s seat instead of the trunk, well, guess who’d be happy now?!

Do you know how to solve a Rubik’s cube?

You start by making a total mess.

Complete disruption and chaos.

Then you establish a solid foundation.

After that, you build layer by layer.

You have patience. You fuck up. You re-do. You try again.

You tear down the entire thing. You breathe deeply. You feel proud of yourself for not giving up. You start over. Layer by layer. You build your sense of worth.

I think it’s going to work out this time.

Do you know what else works like that?

Your journey through healing, putting yourself back (the way you want to this time), layer by layer.

Dropping into the goddess temple of yours – your body – is not always smooth in the beginning. It takes some dedication.

But once you’ve rearranged the layers to perfection, things start to work really smoothly for you. You are in so-called ‘flow’.

You no longer question what’s right or wrong. You no longer struggle to make decisions. You look at yourself in the mirror and you see ease and beauty smiling back at you. You have rearranged yourself back together as a crystal clear version of yourself.

Then you undoubtedly fall back into a complete mess and chaotic pieces again.
You need to redo the work once again.
It feels like being back at square one.

But you’re not.

This time it takes fewer attempts to get it right.
Muscle memory has started to kick in.
Innate wisdom and connection to earth, body, and spirit get louder inside of you.
Something you cannot describe with words.


The 20th time you fall back into a mess you have stopped the resistance altogether.

You allow the mess, the destruction, the sadness, the anger – whatever it might be – to enter your life as a wave. You welcome it. You observe it. You dive in. You now know exactly how to navigate the discomfort.

You now know the depths of your darkness.
You know your shadows.
Your fears.
And you realize they no longer carry the same charge.

They don’t have control over you.

You invite the destruction in, because you know there’s absolutely no point trying to hold back.

You know holding back equals sleepless nights.
Too much alcohol. Numbing out in any which way.
And you just don’t choose that shit anymore.

You choose honesty. You choose clarity.
An open heart (even when it hurts like hell).
You choose to dive in and come out on the other side.
You know yourself and you know that going down, feeling it all and then releasing is the only way through.
You are no longer afraid.
You are free.

When you have mastered this version of yourself you are a conscious leader.

Not only of your own life; you’ll notice the ripple effects around you.

When you dare to look anything in the eye and invite every shadow to dance with you, fully present in your body, heart and spirit – you are unstoppable.

You are destined to be a conscious leader who spreads inspiration wherever you go.

You’re now the kind of person that people can’t help but want to be around. You’re the woman they turn to for advice and guidance. You’re the boss or the employee who makes crystal clear decisions (you know there’s no right or wrong anyway, there’s only choice and consequence. And you are willing to take the consequences of your actions which means decision making is no longer as difficult, or rather ‘out of your control’).

And when you really don’t know what to do, you know it’s because the answer is not mature enough yet. It’s not here because it needs gestation time to fully develop and you know that it’s a decision that is okay to wait for.

Embodying the heart-centered leader within might sound complicated. But it’s all really simple.

As a client of mine expressed the other day: embodying this version of myself is like doing a really deep and cleansing mud mask but on the inside.

The result is the same, purification and glow.
One is just a bit longer lasting than the other ;).

Not easy, no – not easy at all. But simple.

The most human of human things.

You can have it if you want.
The choice is ours and the only question is if we are willing to dive in. Because it does take radical responsibility for oneself to be able to fully step into the highest and fullest version of ourselves.

My invitation to you is to take the first step into radical responsibility today in whichever way feels right to you.

If you are interested in getting guidance on your path towards embodying your inner goddess and heart-centered leader – I am here to support you all the way. I work with clients who want to solve their unique Rubik’s cube but don’t know how to get there. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free discovery call for my 4 months 1-1 coaching program here.


As an Intuitive Coach & Female Embodiment Teacher Hanne Lina has channeled her personal path back to a vibrant life, her experience with trauma, her transformation into happiness and various coaching studies into a unique and intuitive way of coaching clients to reveal their best self in their private as well as in their professional life. She is a source of love and true female embodiment, with the mission to spread the spark of the divine feminine leadership in the world today.
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