Tune in then turn on: Embodiment foundations [Part One]

November 10, 2016


Embodiment: the art of getting out of your head and into your body

While many of us may identify with being a disembodied woman (for signs & symptoms of disembodiment see here)- not as many of us are able to navigate the nebulous word of energies and emotions that exist within the body.

While we are ready to leave the over doing masculine mind behind, softening back into our bodies is a language many of us have not learnt to speak – nor have we had the role models to show us the way.

In this blog I’m sharing The Embodied Woman Map to help guide you back into that delicious body of yours.

TUNE IN: Emotional bandwidth, the heart

The first feminine portal we enter is the heart, our feeling center. The heart is the center of our spiritual being and the portal through which the light of our soul enters the body.

Our heart is the space we feel safe, connected & loved. Most importantly, it’s the space we love ourselves. And I don’t mean in a positive-affirmation-repeat-on-replay-“I love myself”-kind-of-way.

I’m talking about radical f*cking self-love.
The kind of self-love that says:

I love your ugly side
I love you without makeup
I like you where you are afraid
I love your exhaustion
I love that you are confused
I love that you are closed
I love you.

The heart is the center of that kind of radical, deep & unconditional love that thrums with the essence of ENOUGH. Specifically: I am enough.

Yet many of us can’t navigate our way to this core I am enough truth because we don’t know the way IN to our heart.

We build so many armors and protections around this heart.
We keep it closed and numb.

We detour around feeling by keeping ourselves numb with food, or wine, online shopping or being-busy-being-busy.

Learning to OPEN this heart is the first step towards cracking your heart wide open.

TURN ON: Sensual bandwidth, the womb

As we begin to move our energy out of our head and into our heart our awareness descends and grounds. Downward energy movement within the body is more associated with the feminine and so we enter the second embodiment portal – the womb, our space of turn on.

As our hearts open & feel more safe, our legs & wombs are free to open to the treasure trove of gifts that await…

  • Healing the womb wounds of our feminine lineage
  • Activating our sensual seductress & feeling more pleasure
  • Discovering the fierce power of the dark side of our womb
  • Turning on our yoni-intuition

We begin to find the productive in our pleasure and the hidden purpose of our pussy (hint: there is a lot of magnetic power between your legs if you go looking).

Best of all our body knows how to do all this (and more) if we take the time to resuscitate our feminine wombs. Just like typical CPR this form of resuscitation begins with breath.

Breathing into your womb, ovaries & vagina/yoni/pussy begins to bring your awareness down, down, down deep into the feminine seat of your power, your womb.

By being conscious, aware & OPEN in these two foundation embodiment portals you will move out of your head more consistently and begin to access all the natural, innate gifts that your feminine soul is longing to awaken.

These gifts are already there.
They already exist within you.
You already are divinely feminine, intuitive and sensual in all the most delicious ways.

It’s our job now as women to remember and reclaim that truth by tuning in and turning on.

You can download The Embodied Woman Map here. This short & sweet PDF guide explains the two key feminine embodiment portals in a beautiful diagram to help remind & guide you home.


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