Attracting a Committed Masculine Man with Anna Rova

June 1, 2020


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This podcast is for all the single ladies… ( 🎵 I hope you thought of Beyonce as you read that line)

For the entire decade of my 20’s I use to attract the worst men (they were all self centred).

Yet I was willing to settle because I was getting “too old” & maybe no one else would pick me.

Not a great attitude to hold in finding a life partner.
Turns out – a lot of women feel this way.

Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Femininity & Relationship Polarity Coach Anna Rova

Anna’s speciality is working with successful single women & supporting them to attract a committed masculine man.

A man that wants to CLAIM them.

On the surface, this might seem like an anti-feminist concept. It’s not.

Rather this conversation is a dive into…

  • Why so many successful women are single
  • Where all the good men have gone
  • The role of polarity in attracting a man
  • How to be claimed by a man
  • The power in surrender (rather than submission)
  • Keeping the polarity alive as a wife & mother

Our thoughts on Qs like “have you dealt with your childhood trauma?” and “are you interested in something serious?” on the first date

This is a perfect conversation for:

  • Single women looking to attract a man
  • Women wanting to re-spark their relationship with the play of polarity

The language of this conversation centers heterosexual relationships – if you’re in another type of relationship (or desire to be) these same concepts still apply.

Anna is a past graduate of our Coaching Certification & has gone on to create a beautiful body of work around dating, relationships, polarity & embodiment that’s wildly successful. It’s a real delight to share her with you today 💛
If you’re interested in finding out more about Anna’s work & attracting a committed masculine man, check out her free resource👈#highlyrecommend


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Anna Rova is on a mission to help single successful women attract & keep a masculine man. She helps women embody their feminine essence fully and get into the best position to attract a partner that will consciously and eagerly play the masculine pole of the feminine/masculine polarity spectrum. Writer, podcaster, coach, and location-independent entrepreneur, Anna is the founder of Girlskill – soon to be Claimed – an online media platform, publication, and podcast empowering women to connect to their femininity and understand men through various stories of women around the world and personal revelations.

2 Comments on “Attracting a Committed Masculine Man with Anna Rova”

  1. I was wanting more information on your one on one coaching options. I was watching a video form a client on instagram and she talked about after coaching she has found more men that want to commit, etc. I know that I need to work on myself and not get hyper focused on a guy when they come into my life as I have discovered I do. I lose a part of me and then my insecurties , self worth get the best of me and I self sabotage. I have been realizing all of this as I have entered the dating world and know I need to change some of my behaviors. I am picking all of the wrong guys who are emotionally unavailable. Was thinking that this could be an option to better myself? Thank you

    • Hi Lori – very much understanding where you’re coming from. Would recommend checking out Anna’s free webinar to dive into this further –

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