Are you also stuck in your head?

April 25, 2019


A question for you…

Do you spend more time in your head then you would like to?

This orientation is a common one (that I also know well). At one point a therapist of mine described my mind like a “steel trap cage” (it was a pretty accurate description).

I didn’t want to surrender… I wanted to surrender.

I didn’t want to feel… I wanted to feel so badly it was breaking my heart.

The first time I truly let my head-control relax & my heart and body crack open was exquisite…Exquisitely painful

It was also perhaps one of the most liberating moments of my life.

After months of utter confusion, planning that went nowhere and more banging-my-head-against-a-brick-wall than I cared to admit I knew something deep & fundamental within me had to change.

But after living 20++ years exclusively from the ‘neck up’ it was clear there was some DEEP & HIGHLY RESISTANT part of me that just didn’t want to fucking feel.

And I understand why.

Feeling hurts. Life hurts. My heart was hurting.

My heart was breaking from all the ways I was dishonoring her, & dishonoring myself. In the way I was working, where I was living, the way I was letting myself be treated.

And I didn’t want to feel that.

But some deeper wisdom within me whispered…
These feelings are your fuel.

So I sat there. Tears streaming down my face.
Chest hurting like a heart attack. For what felt like 3 hours.

Willing my heart to open. Willing my heart to break.

And after that first time, when my heart broke open to FEEL more deeply than it ever had before, nothing was the same.

I’m not deliberately trying to glorify being a messy emotional wreck. Honestly, most of us are highly emotional & sensitive in ways that DON’T feel empowering.

But the truth (as I believe it) is – the sensations within your body are the fuel for life when we learn to harness them.

This means harnessing emotional vulnerability – in an empowered way.
This means harnessing sensuality aliveness – and letting pleasure be part of every day.
This means harnessing your magnetism – and relaxing your need to work so hard for everything (including your personal growth).

If you’re ready to relax your head & genuinely enter the temple of your heart & body more fully and consistently… then the skills of feminine embodiment are the tools I’d recommend.

Luckily enrolment for The Embodied Woman Program is open for the next 6 days.

In this live experience, we’ll be learning the 6 core skills of feminine embodiment over 3 delicious months.

Plenty of time to practice & play together in a safe space of women taking the same journey (& harnessing the energy of moving deeper, together).

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So hope you’ll join us!

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