Is there a genuine demand for Feminine Embodiment Coaches? The reality getting paid for your passions

February 19, 2019


Two questions I’m frequently asked by women interested in becoming a Feminine Embodiment Coach are…

  • How will I get clients?
  • Is there really a demand for this work?

These are intelligent questions to ask.
There’s no point pursuing your passions if at the end of the day you can’t find clients & no one wants what you have to offer.

Fortunately, the goddess chose to awaken this passion for the feminine embodiment in YOU for a very, very valid reason.

We are on the cusp of a wave of new depth in our world.

Those who are not looking for any kind of change are spontaneously awakening to new insights & realizations. They are perhaps the first in their family, or circle of friends to experience this deep yearning. And they are ready to receive guidance & support.

Those who want to be good humans & lead rich lives are realizing the education humanity receives is grossly lacking in the are emotional empowerment & self-compassion. And are ready to invest.

Those who seek transformation & growth are no longer looking outside themselves for a guru, they are looking for the answer within. They are turning to their body.

Those who have devoted to spiritual practices are realizing the need for their body to be involved. Instead of being off in the stars & disconnected from this body & this planet modern spiritual women want a way to feel the EXPANSIVENESS of spirituality, while also living very REAL human lives here on Mamma Earth.

Can you relate to any of these waves of new depth?

I certainly can.

I didn’t choose to become a Feminine Embodiment Coach.
It chose me.

From the tender age of 17, I had (mentally) mapped my own (disembodied) career path, a path of clinical pharmacy, then management aspirations, based on the desire for prestige & income. I was the first in my family to go to university, and leave behind the rural town my family had lived for generations.

I wasn’t looking to be wild, or different, or have an extraordinary life.
But the goddess had other plans.

At some point, she saw the deep incongruence with how I was living.
She saw that deep within me there was a much bigger capacity to LIVE LIFE FULLY.
And she awoke a yearning in me to realize a life that was so far from what I had seen modeled, that I was utterly resistant for years.


But once the yearning for depth is awoken within us, there is no turning back

We have no choice but to learn how to do life better.
How to be better humans.
We begin to transform and grow.

This wave of awakening is occurring in exponentially greater & greater numbers.

The demand for guides, coaches & mentors to support women in this wave of embodied awakening is growing exponentially.

I see it in my own practice.

By November 2018 my private coaching & mentoring books were full until November 2019. I was so booked out, with still more interest coming in, I started (very happily) referring clients to our graduated coaches.

In the first 6 weeks of 2019 I’ve spoken with clients from Costa Rica to Sweden, Las Vegas to Hong Kong many of whom found me & my work in ways I can’t comprehend. It blows my mind the way we’ve connected.

The magnetic effect of embodied feminine arts defies conventionally-linear models of what we think is possible.

And I’ve seen this with our graduated feminine embodiment coaches as well.

It’s certainly not just me who is “magically magnetic” when it comes to this work.

It’s every woman who’s been chosen to support this wave of embodied depth.
Including you.

It’s terrifying to think you could be successful in this work.

Because it means you’re one step closer to saying YES.
To have to really claim these deep desire & yearning that’s awake in you too.

It’s natural to question if you can “really do this”.
If YOU can draw clients in.
If YOU can charge what your work is worth.
If YOU can really make this a successful coaching business.

But the goddess didn’t choose you, she didn’t awake this passion in your heart, because she wanted you to suffer, to fail.

She chose you because she knew you had it within you to succeed.
And to help others do the same.

So who are you to doubt her wisdom?


The demand for this work is great, and it’s growing.

The skills & tools you need to successfully:
1. Confidently coach others in safe ways that get results
2. Create your coaching offers
3. Claim your pricing
4. Express your work to the world
5. Enroll clients

are EXACTLY what you’ll learn in the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification.

We dedicate an entire module to Embodied Entrepreneurship so you have the structures and tools, as well as the inner confidence & clarity to successfully coach clients. It’s a popular module…

“Module 6 is indeed the bomb! Thank you! I love the Expression part – so needed for me. And the discovery session part is so good too!”

We’ll also share the magical process of magnetism that you can in coaching sessions, as well as to draw your clients in (this is honestly a game-changing practice that our students love).

“Ok ladies and Jenna, I used the magnetism practice to create the space and joy to develop the framework of my SCS and low and behold this weekend provided.”

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If you’d like to know more about the 6 month
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Enrollment for our March 2019 class is open for just a few more days.

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