Being in this Body

September 14, 2017


Heads Up! This isn’t a teaching or educational piece.

It’s more of a revealing & honest recount of my own journey with being in this body – and all the ways I slowly, painfully, and very awkwardly found my way to this place. I know some of it will resonate with you.

In this video, Part I, I’m recounting

  • Who I was in high school
  • My painfully awkward sensual ‘awakening’
  • Choosing careers & how I got it so wrong
  • Bulimia & body image

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In this video, Part II, we dive into:

  • My first trip to Europe & the moment everything changed
  • The years of frustration & confusion 
  • Theoretical spirituality
  • Quitting life & moving to Bali
  • Building my biz

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P.S. Would love to hear if you can relate to any of these experiences in your high school years or early 20’s?

7 Comments on “Being in this Body”

  1. Totally identify with your experience – I just stayed a people pleaser for way way longer. I had a grant for my degree and felt I had to pay back for years and years ( they got their money’s worth many times over!!!)
    I also feel the ‘chameleon’ is something I still sometimes am – although since mentoring with you I have had a welcome shift on that – I am more authentic

  2. Wow. So many of these themes ring true to me. I went through stages of anorexia and bulemia in my teens and 20’s and I honestly acted like a porn star when being sensual for fear of ‘under-performing’. I had no idea who I was and what pleasure meant….in fact, I was embarrassed about feeling pleasure.

  3. Thank you for sharing this part of you Jenna! I love it all! Can you share any tips on your process to accepting the dishonouring choices you made and how you moved through that as I am struggling to accept some of my fun crazy dishonouring past with the choice I a made and what I did to my body ( anything that I am unaware of already hehe or anything that you feel called to re express in this space ) much love lady!

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