Working with clients in 2019?

January 31, 2019


Curious to know what FEMININE EMBODIMENT COACHING is & how you can weave it into your own personal & professional practice?

We’ve just opened the doors for a free training series for women who are called to working with the new paradigm of somatic, feminine arts.

Hundreds of amazing women have already joined us & are loving the training series…

Thank you thank you thank you! This video was such an incredible confirmation that I am doing what is right for me at this moment. I stop flowing in my feminine when I start ‚thinking‘ and letting my brain run the show. I felt relief with the sensitizing embodiment process. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this video, so many truth bombs and words of wisdom. I felt tightness in my shoulders and they relaxed as I breathed in the thought that my presence is cherished. Knowing there was nothing I had to do or be in that moment felt like a relief. Thanks Jenna!

Over 3 self-paced classes, we’ll be exploring how to redefine & work with the embodied feminine, recalibrating your confidence to work with clients & find your own success.


3-self paced classes for women working with the feminine arts in somatic ways


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