Sensuality, Trauma & Our Bodies with Priscilla Rodgers

July 7, 2020


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Sensuality and trauma. Two words you rarely see together, and yet, both live within our bodies. 

Today on the podcast we are joined by DC-based Priscilla Rodgers. I first met with Priscilla in 2018 when she joined our Certification training. Since then, her own body of work centering the healing of trauma, so we can reinhabit our sensate bodies, has blossomed into something unique.  

In this conversation we explore: 

  • Priscilla’s journey from depression to sensuous living 
  • How trauma separates us from sensuality 
  • The different layers of trauma that we all carry 
  • Flight, fight & freeze responses and how Priscilla almost got in a fight last week 
  • Why we dissociate from our big feelings & avoid the practice that we know will help us 
  • We discuss evolving out of oppressive systems and why that’s an uncomfortable journey for every body 
  • A long list of resources for women interested in the history of black bodies, embodiment, and healing 

Priscilla just opened the doors to a new workshop Race, Oppression & Our Bodies (which I’ve joined). You can find out more about her work here:


If you’re interested in working with Priscilla check out her workshop here:

If you’re interested in training as a Feminine Embodiment Coach find out more here



Priscilla Rodgers is a trauma-informed Embodiment Coach. She focuses on developmental trauma, as she believes most of us have experienced a form of formative disruption to some degree. Through breathwork, somatic trauma release, and embodiment practices, Priscilla guides women to reinhabit their sensate bodies, by addressing these barriers to aliveness.  In this way, women can seize the opportunity to live a deeply engaged, rich, and sensuous life.

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