3 ways embodiment can supercharge your biz

July 6, 2016

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As we move into our hearts + bodies, embodying our potential and claiming our brilliance something really special can happen…

We discover a calling to share our gifts with the world.

We feel the pull to step more fully into our hearts’ desire to express our creativity, healing or entrepreneur passions. Yet… this external expression (business) of our inner realizations can trigger a whole heap of new challenges.

Feeling stuck in uncertainty.
Seeing others do the work and questioning… do I even have anything to offer?
Attracting the clients you desire to reach.
Unsure if anyone will pay your worth.

I see far too many women with giant hearts + an authentic desire stalled at the start line.

Running expensive hobbies instead of profit generating businesses.

My experience has shown me that following the formulas and strategy for biz success only work when they are back by an embodied woman.

In biz an embodied woman knows her worth, values her experience + stands unwavering in her conviction and confidence. She is the woman who rocks it her way, and stands out from the crowd.

An embodied woman in biz is the vibration of her message and uses that vibration to touch the hearts of her audience. Leading the way through authenticity, and selling with soul.

An example of this in action was perfectly reflected by a comment I received on last week’s blog.

“As I read it I was softly guided by these incredibly tender gentle waves back to my heart. I was able to sit there in the sweetest surrender. So incredibly delicate.

I realized that I can sense this energy whenever I come into contact with your work and really feel it is a part of your legacy and your inherent vibration”

So how can you supercharge your business, or business idea, with embodiment?

Embodied Entrepreneur Tip #1

Stand out from the crowd

Have you noticed the world is full of same-same. If you’ve been in the online self development world for a while I’m sure you’ve seen the same types of blogs, programs + offerings a million times over. Something about purpose, power, feminine, healing, be your best self.

The truth is that this market is saturated. I’m not telling you this to dissuade you from your passion. But it’s a reality check that 99% of entrepreneurs need if they are serious about being successful.

Unless you are taking a bold, authentic and radical stand for your truth; A stand that stretches you, that triggers and perhaps even polarizes people, you are going to fade into the background.

Truth: Your gift is NOT to be a life coach.

Truth: Your gift is NOT to be a practitioner of a certain modality.

Your gift is to share the wisdom, experience + authentic learnings from YOUR experiences. Your gift is to have been there/done/got the T-Shirt and to support another woman to do the same. To inspire and hold a space for her to elevate. And that purpose, is inextricably linked with standing out of the crowd.

This doesn’t mean you have to share your diary with the world. But it does mean you have to take a powerful stand. The truth is, most of us don’t feel confident enough to take that stand – which is exactly the vibration our potential clients are going to pick up on.

Hiding behind the scenes of your business just doesn’t work.

You have to show up, shout YOUR truth out and stand out from the crowd.

Are you shouting the uniquely YOU essence from the rooftops?

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Embodied Entrepreneur Tip #2

Express your imperfections – they are your superpowers

Which leads us to the HOW. How do I show up, take a stand and shout my truth?

There is only one way – to express your imperfections. They are your superpowers.

You are a human. You are not perfect. You don’t have all the answers. And no one expects you to… except for YOU.

We are so used to hiding our imperfections, and presenting the picture positive spiritual version of ourselves out into the world. But it just doesn’t work. We come across as the carbon copy it-girl coach who only posts about green juice. And no one is interested in that.

Not only will it tug on the ‘fraud’ strings of your heart.
Your audience is not going to be digging it.
Which leave you with low engagement.
No clients.
And yet more doubt begins to creep in.

If your clients are anything like you (and odds are they are a LOT like you)– they want a real woman, a woman they can relate to.

A woman who has been in the trenches, where any good leader should be, and who can say “I fuc*ed up this way” and yet still found a way to love and accept and heal.

There is so much more I could say on this topic. But I’ll finish with this. One of my most popular blogs was a personal tribute to why transformation can make you flat and lazy.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients quote that blog as the reason they came to work with me. And in it I was telling them I was flat, and lazy! Yet it was the embodied expression of authenticity (which is my message) that spoke to their heart and magnetized them in.

How are you teaching through your imperfections?

Embodied Entrepreneur Tip #3

Magnetize in your people

Getting clients, finding people who can afford you + marketing your goods is also without a doubt 75% an embodiment game and 25% a strategy game.

I have to admit, I’m still in the process of perfecting this art, yet I’m a lot closer to consistently magnetizing in my clients than I ever have been before.

The fears around this run wide and deep: will people pay what I’m worth? Where will I even find these women?

The key upgrade to magnetize in your people is to believe THEY EXIST.

If you don’t believe that someone could pay X for you. They won’t.

If you don’t believe that X number of clients exist for you. They don’t.

If you don’t believe you could really serve that many clients. You can’t.

Yet if you believe these women are here, ready, waiting to hear + feel your message. Then the ‘how’ becomes easier.

You start showing up. And keep showing up.
You show up so much you wonder if people are getting stuck of hearing from you.
Some people will be sick of hearing you.
That’s okay – they are not your people.

The truth is that this money already exists in the world.

These women, already exist in the world. Your success is inevitable.

Are you embodying the belief that these women and this price is a done deal?

Next week I’m running a free workshop for Embodied Entrepreneurs.

It’s a 90-minute deeper dive for the woman who:

  • Is called to express more of authentic herself and her passions with the world
  • Has a strong desire to create a business that financially supports her
  • Needs more confidence + conviction to make it happen
  • Wants to stand out from the crowd + let her unique message be seen, heard + desired by her ideal clients
  • Knows the only way to success is through integrity + embodied authenticity
  • Knows that hard work doesn’t work, who wants to create a business + lifestyle that feels sensual ease + grace

Join the Embodied Entrepreneur workshop here

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  1. oh Jenna, your free workshop for Embodied Entrepreneurs workshop is amazing! Such a generous offer beautiful. My gift is not me being a life coach, its my experiences and wisdom. Makes me miss my 1:1 mentorship with you. xx

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