Feminine Embodiment For Our Future

July 12, 2021


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Over the past 6 months, I’ve spent 100’s of hours working on/in The Future Is Embodied Conference. The event has irrevocably changed me as a person & I want to share some of the sweetness with our wider community. So starting today I’ll be dropping a selection of my favorite expert speakers on our podcast. This month I’m starting it off with my conference keynote.  

In this solo podcast ep we dive into:  

  • The Disembodied Past: How did we become so disembodied? 
  • Exploring the macro & micro hierarchies in the world & how they map onto our bodies 
  • The Embodied Future: How we can dismantle the scaffolding from within 
  • Feminine Embodiment & the 3 key aspects to implement 

Here’s what people have had to say about this presentation/podcast: 

Beautiful!! I just how you explain such magical concepts in such tangible, simple, and potent ways, Jenna. It is an incredible art of bringing the magic of the feminine to our everyday existence. I truly applaud your work thank you!” – L 

I love the way you explain such complex, nuanced subjects in relatable, thought-provoking ways. A deep heartfelt thank you, Jenna” – S 

“Thank you so much Jenna for this clear and inspiring keynote. Although I have spent a lot of time practicing, working with, and studying embodiment, I feel this took my understanding of the actual word (“embodiment”) and all of the layers it interacts with to a new level.” – W 


Hope you enjoy the podcast – let me know what lands in the comments!  

With warmth,

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